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Our mission


Our mission is to make education available to everyone which is why we have introduced the online learning method. You can have education anywhere you go!

The online learning method delivers educational information through the internet instead of being in a classroom. You can study from anywhere in the world with this new technology. The online lectures are a live transmission of lectures, enabling the participant to communicate with the lecturer as if they are in a classroom. Video records of lectures will be available the next day.

The exams happen at the end of the year and a percentage of 60% is required to pass the exam. The degree is certified from the

University of Bari,

University of World Human Rights and Human Sciences

NP Academy and

BONELLI Foundation.

It is also certified by the foreign affairs minister and the participants Embassy in Italy.

Our values are constantly following the worldwide advanced scientific principles
We offer advanced teaching methods achieving excellence in training for the competitors

Our goals & Objectives are that our graduated students leave with a great practical knowledge and achieving the greatest credibility in the medical training field